Speak to the Bones Now in Print

speak-to-the-bones-cThe print edition of my new book, Speak to the Bones: How to Be a Prophetic People in a Time of Exile, is now available on Amazon.com here. It joins the Kindle e-book edition, launched last week, here.

The print edition is available on several Amazon sites outside the USA: the United Kingdom, Germany, France,  Italy, and Canada, The book is available in those countries and in additional ones as a Kindle e-book. Amazon provides a free app to adapt Kindle to other e-book formats.

Speak to the Bones draws on the example of ancient Hebrew prophets to help 21st-century Christians navigate a future as a significant social-justice force. Such a modern-day prophetic people would, like their ancient counterparts, speak truth to power and point out injustice, inequality, and idolatry in today’s societies. Guided by the Holy Spirit and grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ they will not only seek to heal wounds but address the systemic causes of injustice.

The book’s 10 chapters each include discussion questions for use in a class setting. Of course, it is also ideal for individual study and meditation.

The US list price on Amazon is $12.50. Amazon offers free shipping for all book orders of $25 or more.

What Was Paul Thinking? (published by Isaac’s Press in 2010) is also available in print and Kindle editions on Amazon.


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